Friday, January 1, 2016

New YouTube Channel: Power Level

A few weeks ago, my friend's wife asked me what I would do if money was not an issue. I had an answer in my pocket immediately.

'Create and publish content on youtube about strength training for cosplay. The channel would also feature all of the gaming shorts I've been writing for years but have never made.'

I was joking, and also trying to grieve (see my last post), but something clicked when I said that. How many times have I dreamt of putting on my Batman costume and creating an impromptu music video (answer every day I was stuck in Atlanta traffic). How many times have I imagined giving advice to people just starting out trying to look like their con hero or villain only to get paralyzed by (bad) advice or the standard 5x5 + GOMAD*? How many times do people spend their hard earned money on bullshit supplements because marketing is more powerful than reason? I've wanted to address all of this in a public arena for years, and my personality mixed with the admittedly fringe niche I'm going for are unique enough to make an impact.

This, however, presents an issue. I'm still a work in progress. My credibility will be incredibly shaky in the beginning stages of this channel both due to my incredibly average strength and my bodyfat percentage. Unless I get myself in line by the time I publish content, make the content about me improving, or be silly enough for people not to care (more likely, it will be a mix of 2 and 3), the channel may be dead before it begins. For the first time in my life, there are real consequences to not being in shape (other than no one wanting to take pictures of the chubby cosplayer). It's...fucking excited and scary. I'll start to post content on this blog as it starts to stream. No reason to lose a couple of years of history just because I'm starting a new chapter.

*GOMAD = gallon of milk a day
I kept 3 gallons at both my house and my office. My gas could have been considered a war crime. I literally had to throw out sheets because my night milk farts had sullied them. I pissed off a girl cause I couldn't cum during a BJ. It wasn't that it didn't feel nice. It was that if I released tension and let my balls empty, I would release a mountain of day dairy in her Italian face. In short, be a nomad, don't do GOMAD.