Friday, September 30, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 8

Not 8 hours after my last session, we're back in business. This is kind of a fucked up day overall. My roommate lost her mom earlier this week, so I took off today to make it to the funeral. Right after, I'm headed to Disney World (totally and completely unrelated activities...Disney was already on the menu).

It feels odd and even a little uncomfortable to celebrate things like hitting my 500 deadlift (I immediately pulled the video from Facebook, it didn't feel right to post this week) and Disney this weekend. I know that sounds dumb, but that's the way I feel.

Front squat 285x1
Note: still easy. I'm going to build back up to above 315 before I switch to another squat.
Partial Front Squat 595x1x3x5 second lockout
Note: almost passed the fuck out on every rep
Dips BW+110lbs x 1
Dip negative BW+135 lbs x 1
Note: doesn't feel solid yet, but the rep was easy
TBar row 5 plates x 12
Note: 2 rep increase over last night. Yahtzee.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 7

Today was the first truly difficult training day. I'm sore all over, and spent the entire day flying home.

Front Squat 275x1
Note: I had way more in the tank, but I'm lifting again in 7 hrs. No need to break the bank.
OHP 155x1
Note: dogshit
T bar row 5 plates x 10

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 6

Woke up this morning with no back pain anymore. Super weird. After deadlifting my first 500 yesterday my back was a mess until I did some hip stretches in my hotel room. Apparently that shit was cure 3 because I've felt awesome all day.

Walking into the gym feeling weak in my shoulders but strong in my back and abs. I won't be able to train tomorrow, so I did some assistance for my lateral delts.

My sex drive has been all over the place, but a ton of that can be attributed to low sleep and high stress. My appetite has been high. Creativity and confidence equally high. Quality of sleep has been outstanding.

OHP 175x1, 135x8
Note: my shoulders felt pretty weak today. Not totally surprised this happened. I kind of like pressing first in the lineup though. My backoff set felt really, really good.
Zercher squat 355x1
Note: this sucked. I should have done power cleans like my brain told me to.
T bar rows 4plates, 1 quarter x 20 reps
Note: mega. I fucking love these. I wish I did them (cheated) years ago.

How do I look?
A little fatter for sure.
Leg size +
Arm size +
Shoulder size no change
Back size no change

I'm looking forward to getting back to hammering front squats next week. If anything, I miss working oly lifts for medium volume. I always felt leaner and faster when I had that under my belt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 5

Woke up this morning to a dull pain in my lower back. Odd...did this happen when I was lifting yesterday or did I hurt myself in my sleep? Considering I tossed and turned all night, I wouldn't be surprised if sleeping me hates sleeping me.

OHP 180x1
Sumo deadlift 500x1

Wtf just happened...
Tied my best all time press. Deadlifted an easy 500 for the first time. I'm still waiting for the floor to drop out on me.

I didn't have a timer running today. Given the volume I did, I was likely in and out in 20min.

Monday, September 26, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 4

Traveling for work this week. Started out in St. Pete at 4am, lifted at 11am in bum fuck Alabama. The gym I lifted in is a run down old YMCA with little equipment and weights, so I took this chance to switch out movements (even though I had more juice left in my front squat).

Zercher squat 345x1
Note: super easy. It's been half a year since I tried these, so I left some gas in the tank (not to mention I was lifting in a bench press rack). No Partials today. The equipment and weights just aren't there to make it happen.
OHP 175x1, 135x9
Note: both crazy easy. I'm not sure of this is because of practice, the lack of squat partials, or the fact that I stopped all shoulder assistance. Regardless, it looks like we've got some pounds left to squeeze out of the press.
T bar row 4 plates x 20

Total time: 28min

I did less stretching today than usual (I need to get back to work), but I've been doing light sets of hammer curls in between stretches. Previously I was doing lateral raises, but I may keep hammer curls instead since they don't interfere with my other large lifts.

In general, I feel pretty friggin awesome. Physical and emotional health feels pretty stellar. I may have gained some weight over the weekend...not ok.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 3

Went out drinking last night. Got in around 2a, but got a full 8hrs of sleep.

Today I pulled some awesome PR'S out of my ass

Front Squat 315x1
Note: this has been a long term goal for fucking ever. Considering a week ago this would have sounded insane, I'm quite pleased.

Partial Front Squat 575x3x1, 5 second holds

Overhead press 165x1
Note: piss poor. This has been feeling heavier and heavier each day. Not sure if I need to swap it out or increase the reps in my max set (in general...I've seen better adaptations from higher rep upper body pressing). I'm really just looking for an excuse to go back to weighted dips.

TBar row 185x20
Note: getting more difficult, but very enjoyable

Total time: 28min

Stretching my hips and shoulders for 10 to 20min was not only a great idea, I think it is necessary for daily training. I feel loose and bouncy as fuck.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

High Frequency Day 2

Day 2
Drank a bit last night, but was still in bed by 1230a. Got up at 730a to train.

Squat warmups didn't feel great. I'm not was more like my muscles and tendons being like 'wat, this shit again?'

Once I hit yesterday's max, it was clear I had way more in me, so I kept going.

Front Squat: 300 (PR)
Partial Front Squat: 565, hold for 3 sets of 5 seconds
Overhead Press: 170x1, 130x8
T bar rows: 4 plates x 6. The mother fucking bar kept on sliding away. Chalking today up to a loss and finding a corner to lift in tomorrow.

Total time lifting: 32min

The front squat felt good, but is likely a fluke. We'll see tomorrow. The overhead press was brutal. A grind all the way up. I added a backoff set for some smoother volume. I heart partial front squats, and they're so easy to level up. Let's keep this train moving.

I stretched today and yesterday for 15min after lifting. This is something I've never really done before, but I'm a fan. It definitely aids the way I feel post workout. I came into the gym today ready to bust shit up. Gooooooood. Gooooooood.

Friday, September 23, 2016

High Frequency Training Day1

High frequency weight training usually comes out in articles holding hands with promises of increased muscle mass and strength from rapid nervous adaptations. I.e. you practice thing, you get better at thing, profit.

I've flirted with the idea of high frequency training for years. Every time I come close, the idea of super low volume scares me away. That being said, I owe it to myself to give it a go. My training right now is going well, but it's draining as all hell. I wish I could train more often, but I know that lifting with my current strategy 3 days in a row kills me. I am full of butts.

Today I started driving into high frequency training modeled after Eric Bugenhagen ' s approach. It goes like:
- train 1-3 movements every day (Eric states less is better)
- 1 to 2 working sets per movement. Preferably hit a max single and call it a day
- when you hit a plateau (1-3 weeks), switch the flat lined movement for something similar

Absolute worst case scenario, I know I can get myself into the shape I want for next year's Dragoncon in 2-3 months. If there was ever a time to experiment with something new, this is it.

Today's training Front Squat 280x1
Overhead Press 165x1
TBar row 3 plates x 20

Easy all around, but it's just day 1. My energy before and after is very high (very different than I usually feel post workout). Squatting and pressing was easy even though I did the same thing in higner volume yesterday.

The entire session took 30 minutes. I used the next 20 minutes to stretch (something I rarely do for that long).