Sunday, September 25, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 3

Went out drinking last night. Got in around 2a, but got a full 8hrs of sleep.

Today I pulled some awesome PR'S out of my ass

Front Squat 315x1
Note: this has been a long term goal for fucking ever. Considering a week ago this would have sounded insane, I'm quite pleased.

Partial Front Squat 575x3x1, 5 second holds

Overhead press 165x1
Note: piss poor. This has been feeling heavier and heavier each day. Not sure if I need to swap it out or increase the reps in my max set (in general...I've seen better adaptations from higher rep upper body pressing). I'm really just looking for an excuse to go back to weighted dips.

TBar row 185x20
Note: getting more difficult, but very enjoyable

Total time: 28min

Stretching my hips and shoulders for 10 to 20min was not only a great idea, I think it is necessary for daily training. I feel loose and bouncy as fuck.

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