Monday, September 26, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 4

Traveling for work this week. Started out in St. Pete at 4am, lifted at 11am in bum fuck Alabama. The gym I lifted in is a run down old YMCA with little equipment and weights, so I took this chance to switch out movements (even though I had more juice left in my front squat).

Zercher squat 345x1
Note: super easy. It's been half a year since I tried these, so I left some gas in the tank (not to mention I was lifting in a bench press rack). No Partials today. The equipment and weights just aren't there to make it happen.
OHP 175x1, 135x9
Note: both crazy easy. I'm not sure of this is because of practice, the lack of squat partials, or the fact that I stopped all shoulder assistance. Regardless, it looks like we've got some pounds left to squeeze out of the press.
T bar row 4 plates x 20

Total time: 28min

I did less stretching today than usual (I need to get back to work), but I've been doing light sets of hammer curls in between stretches. Previously I was doing lateral raises, but I may keep hammer curls instead since they don't interfere with my other large lifts.

In general, I feel pretty friggin awesome. Physical and emotional health feels pretty stellar. I may have gained some weight over the weekend...not ok.

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