Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Favorite South Park Episodes

Considering I'm making trivia for the damn show, I'd like to make a short list of my favorite South Park episodes. These are not in any particular order, they are only episodes that made me feel something amazing.

Sexual Harrassment Panda
Chinpoko Mon
The Red Badge of Gayness
Scott Tenorman Must Die (duh)
Red Hot Catholic Love
A Ladder to Heaven
The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
The Death Camp of Tolerance
Fat Butt and Pancake Head
South Park is Gay
Christian Hard Rock
Casa Bonita
Stupid Spoiled Whore
Woodland Critter Christmas
The Losing Edge
Free Willyzyx
Make Love, Not Warcraft
With Appologies to Jesse Jackson
Night of the Living Homeless
Imaginationland 1-3
Breast Cancer Show Ever
The Coon
Dances with Smurfs
Crack Baby Athletic Association

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Level Up 8/20/2011

New PR's
Powerclean 210-->225
Front Squat 235-->255
Behind the Neck Push Press 210-->220
BW Chinups 21-->22

Fuck yes, get stronger.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letting Go of the Big 2

I have something to admit. I stopped Benching 4 months ago, and Deadlifting 3 weeks ago. What's scary is I've never felt better. This is not to say I have skimped on lifting heavy, I'm simply doing what feels right at the moment. More than anything, I am less fatigued and can lift with higher volume without penalty.

Right now, I am training with Chaos and Pain and a JewGression progression (anything marked with a + progresses with this method).

Chaos and Pain
Day 1 - PUSH
Overhead Press
Squats +

Day 2 - PULL
DB Bench Press
Powerclean +
Glute Ham Raises

Day 3 - PUSH
Behind the Neck Push Press +
Front Squat +

Day 4 - PULL
Hammer Curl
High Pull +/Shrugs +

Using 10x3, 12x2, 15x1 rep schemes
Increase 5lbs in a lift every week. If you cannot complete a progression (any exercise), the next week moves to the next rep scheme. Once the 15x1 rep scheme is appraoched, stay there for a single week, then return to 10x3 at the first 12x2 weight.

Example (each weight represents a different week, assume I'm using back squats for this example):
265x10x3 (last 2 sets took a few sets to complete)
275x12x2 (last 3 sets were done as singles)
270x10x3 (first reset week)

I'm tracking my progress on a google spreadsheet.

So, to the Bench Press and Deadlift, we are not breaking up. We just need some time apart.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Faith and the Internet

This is my story, and I'm drunk as hell.

Telling Our StoryWe all have a story that defines who we are and the choices we make. Sally Sorority is the silly drunk girl who screams cadences of WOO-HOO for no reason. She is in every picture that has ever existed on Facebook, ever. Avery Toolbox is a Floridian with giant biceps and an ego to match. He will fight you, but never with a shirt on. Jill Goldencorn is a superJew bookworm extraordinaire. She has a 6.7 grade point average, which is fucking impossible.

What happens to these people when their story is rudely interrupted? Sally finds out noone really likes her and her WOO-HOO voice resembles a flayed bull in heat, Avery has the shit kicked out of him by a nerd who didn't want to fight in the first place (but knows kung fu like a champ), Jill gets Chlamydia and dies (thus failing a test she neglects to show up for). Suddenly, their perfect faith in a story is thrust violently underwater, and they need to either guide themselves back on track, or find a new story.

Chaos and Pain vs Everything Else
When we choose a training style, we create a story for ourselves. We not only need to dedicate ourselves towards training hard with our program, we need to believe that it will move us towards our goals. We do not need to be blind, but we do need to have faith. The internet is a useful tool when it comes to finding new or old training ideas, but it also serves as a catalyst to destroy the faith we have in ourselves and our programs. When you see someone who is big and strong touting a program, all you can surmise is that the program worked for HIM. The reason hopping programs is a foolish idea is rooted in adaptation. Your muscles and central nervous system grow by adapting to a stimulus, then being overloaded with a new adaptation (more weight, different rest periods, drop sets, blah blah blah). If your body is not given the chance to adapt to anything, progression will come at a much slower rate than if you stuck to your guns.

I know how difficult it is to stay rooted to a training style. Just last night, I was read an article in the blog LIFT-RUN-BANG concerning bodybuilder vs powerlifter training. The blog's author argues that sticking to a routine comprised of triples, doubles, and singles is not sustainable long term because of the stress involved on the body's joints and CNS. My current training strategy is not pure powerlifting (Chaos and Pain), but it is built around using triples, doubles, and singles on multi-joint exercises for the majority of my heavy work. The author of LIFT-RUN-BANG has certainly proved his mettle in the world of powerlifting as well as gaining size, but this is no reason to blindly follow another path. Besides the fact that Chaos and Pain focuses on adapting to a high volume with low resting periods routine (something not discussed in the aforementioned blog), who gives a shit what someone else's opinion is? If it works, and it's fun, it's going to be my story. Reading the internet is useful, but believing it all is poison.

When you choose a story, stick with it and work hard.
Have faith, have fun, and get stronger.