Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letting Go of the Big 2

I have something to admit. I stopped Benching 4 months ago, and Deadlifting 3 weeks ago. What's scary is I've never felt better. This is not to say I have skimped on lifting heavy, I'm simply doing what feels right at the moment. More than anything, I am less fatigued and can lift with higher volume without penalty.

Right now, I am training with Chaos and Pain and a JewGression progression (anything marked with a + progresses with this method).

Chaos and Pain
Day 1 - PUSH
Overhead Press
Squats +

Day 2 - PULL
DB Bench Press
Powerclean +
Glute Ham Raises

Day 3 - PUSH
Behind the Neck Push Press +
Front Squat +

Day 4 - PULL
Hammer Curl
High Pull +/Shrugs +

Using 10x3, 12x2, 15x1 rep schemes
Increase 5lbs in a lift every week. If you cannot complete a progression (any exercise), the next week moves to the next rep scheme. Once the 15x1 rep scheme is appraoched, stay there for a single week, then return to 10x3 at the first 12x2 weight.

Example (each weight represents a different week, assume I'm using back squats for this example):
265x10x3 (last 2 sets took a few sets to complete)
275x12x2 (last 3 sets were done as singles)
270x10x3 (first reset week)

I'm tracking my progress on a google spreadsheet.

So, to the Bench Press and Deadlift, we are not breaking up. We just need some time apart.

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