Wednesday, September 28, 2016

High Frequency Training Day 6

Woke up this morning with no back pain anymore. Super weird. After deadlifting my first 500 yesterday my back was a mess until I did some hip stretches in my hotel room. Apparently that shit was cure 3 because I've felt awesome all day.

Walking into the gym feeling weak in my shoulders but strong in my back and abs. I won't be able to train tomorrow, so I did some assistance for my lateral delts.

My sex drive has been all over the place, but a ton of that can be attributed to low sleep and high stress. My appetite has been high. Creativity and confidence equally high. Quality of sleep has been outstanding.

OHP 175x1, 135x8
Note: my shoulders felt pretty weak today. Not totally surprised this happened. I kind of like pressing first in the lineup though. My backoff set felt really, really good.
Zercher squat 355x1
Note: this sucked. I should have done power cleans like my brain told me to.
T bar rows 4plates, 1 quarter x 20 reps
Note: mega. I fucking love these. I wish I did them (cheated) years ago.

How do I look?
A little fatter for sure.
Leg size +
Arm size +
Shoulder size no change
Back size no change

I'm looking forward to getting back to hammering front squats next week. If anything, I miss working oly lifts for medium volume. I always felt leaner and faster when I had that under my belt.

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