Thursday, June 9, 2011

Squat Push Pull

Altering my training schedule a bit. I'm getting too worn out too quickly, and I'm seeing my numbers drop on almost all lifts. In general, each strength workout will contain a squat, push, and a pull, followed by minimal assistance. Off days are spent resting or miscellaneous light work. Another goal of this method is to bring up my squat, which is currently a poor piece of shit.

Strength 1
- Squat
- Overhead Press
- High Pull
- Partial Squats

Strength 2
- Deadlift
- DB Bench
- Squat for time (135 for 2:30, 225 for 1:30)

Strength 3
- Behind the Neck Push Press
- Powerclean
- Squat for time (225 for 1:30)

Assistance Options (for strength or light days)
Rack Pull
Sumo Deadlift
Incline Seated DB Shoulder Press
Hammer Curl
Split Squat

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