Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reverse Pyramid Training

Greatly enjoying my training right now. It's a nice mix of Chaos and Pain, Reverse Pyramids, and my previous (futile) attempts at a squat/push/pull. The most important introduction are partial lifts and isometric holds.

As before:
+ means 10x3, 12x2, or 15x1 with 1min rest in between sets (1min is not a rule, just a guideline)
RP means reverse pyramid
- All RP sets have 3reps/min on set 1, 4reps/min on set 2, 5repsmin on set 3 to level up
- In general, all pyramid working sets have 2-5min rest in between sets
1 day rest between all training days (blocks just organize days into PULL/PUSH)

Block 1
Deadlift RP

Overhead Press RP
Back Squat RP
Back Squat Isometric Hold

Block 2
Chinup RP
Powerclean 5x1
High Pull 5x3

DB Bench
Front Squat RP
Glute Ham Raise 3xInfinity

Block 3
Chinup RP
Power Shrug RP

Half Squats off Pins RP
Dip RP

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