Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chaos and Pain - Picking a Working Weight for Straight Sets

I feel slightly retarded...

For months, I would use linearly increasing weights week by week until I could no longer progress, then decrease the total reps/set and continue pushing until something terrible happened. Typically, my hands would rip open from excessive shear forces, I would have a series of terrible training days, or would just feel stuck.

The reasoning behind this should have been some point, I would be training with a new max as a working weight. The first time I push pressed 225 behind my neck, it took me 5minutes to build up the nerve to start the set. After I completed the lift and had a good case of not deads, I realized I needed to put up 14 more singles at 225 to finish out the day. Fuck that man.

A better approach would be to work within percentages of a daily max (~85-95% of the max). That way, I can hit a heavy single, then work within that day's capacity at a lower weight and higher volume with a weight I've already conquered. You should be repping out (i.e. 2-5 reps) with a weight you KNOW you have destroyed in the past. It would feel much more natural to hit 225 for reps if I hit a single at 265 a few minutes beforehand.

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