Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Leeman Powerbuilding Part Deux

As a follow-up to my last training related post, I wanted to share the type of training I'm doing right meow. I've been at it for around 2 months, and everything has been feeling pretty damn good.

Lower body movement x1 set to failure, (drop weight 20-50lbs) x5 sets to failure-1 rep
Partials x5
Lower body assistance x3 super set Abs x3
Minor lower body assistance 2x100

Upper body press x1 set to failure, (drop weight 20-40lbs) x5 sets to failure-1 rep
super set
Upper body pull x1 set to failure, (drop weight 20-40lbs) x5 sets to failure-1 rep
Upper body press assistance x5 super set Upper body pull assistance x5 
Minor upper body assistance 5xamap

The idea is to milk a single movement for as long as possible until I hit a hard single (on the x1 sets to failure). Once I find my new max, I'll switch out the movement and start training something new. In general, I'm adding 10lbs a session to all lower body/partial movements, and adding 5lbs a session to all upper body/oly movements. I'm adding weight to assistance and minor assistance work, but adding weight isn't really the goal of those exercises (feeling the weight is the goal in those cases).

Say for example I hit a front squat of 240lbsx11 reps. In my next session I'll attempt to hit 250x11 reps. The reps will naturally go down with time, but my goal will be to rep my old max by the time I get there in a few weeks.

Progression of Movements
Lower body movement: Front Squats > Power Cleans > Back Squats > Snatch high Pulls
Partials: Shrugs > Rack Pulls > Snatch Shrugs > Snatch Rack Pulls
Upper body press: Floor Press > Overhead Press > Close Grip Bench > Push Press
Upper body pull: Chinups > Pendlay Rows > Pullups > Barbell Rows

Examples of other movements...
Lower body assistance: RDL, Leg Press
Lower body minor assistance: Leg extensions and/or curls
Upper body assistance: Handstand pushups, pullups
Minor upper body assistance: Lateral raises, bodyweight rows

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