Tuesday, April 4, 2017

High Frequency Lifting: Deadlifting Day 5

High frequency log day 5

Deadlift weight has crept into my old max from years and years ago. It used to be a hard max, now it's just Tuesday. Confidence is high, abs are starting to look solid.

One side effect is kinda weird though. My dreams have been deeper and more meaningful than usual. As in a direct representation of what is going on in my life. Most recently, I've been fighting my way through dungeons that resemble the water temple from 'A Link to the Past.' Instead of your usual run of the mill Zelda enemies, I've been fighting cultists armed with spears. My journey through the depths have been more about the fear of getting lost than the elation of going on an adventure. Something to think about if this keeps persisting.

4/4/17 Workout
Sumo deadlift 445x1, 385x3, 325x8
Parallel chinups 42 in 3 sets
RDL 210x3x12
Arnold Press 45x3x12
Rolling Thunder Grip 110x2x30 seconds per hand
Ab rollout x2

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