Monday, November 15, 2010

Passion and Costumed Iron

Cosplay (short for costume play):
Paying costumed tribute to an idea, most often associated with characters from anime, video games, comics, etc.

The way of discovering yourself through muscular expenditure.

When you truly devote yourself to an ideal or task, you never cease to amaze yourself. It’s when you halfway try, you produce nothing worth being proud of. Both cosplay and iron require a rigorous amount of devotion to be considered among the elite. It’s the sexy cats of Halloween or the weekend warriors of the gym which lack any passion for their craft. I don’t care whether the topic is your job, your workout, or banging your girlfriend. Simply going through the motions is the quickest way to feel unsatisfied with your current state of affairs.

This blog maps my passion for cosplay and iron. My goal: join the ranks of elite powerlifters, and show the cosplay world how to embody a character in both cloth and physique.

Current Standings 1RM
Squat – 305
Deadlift – 405
Sumo Deadlift – 445
Bench Press – 235
Powerclean - 210
Chinup – BW+70lbs x 4

Don’t get bigger, get stronger

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