Friday, May 27, 2011

Paralysis of Decision

I try to avoid reading Internet forums on lifting and exercise if I can. While I enjoy the constant blather and confusion among experts insisting a certain rep range of exercise X will make SWOLE brah (and of course, every self proclaimed expert has a different opinion, thanks biochemical difference), the overload of information does more to wear me down than educate me on my chosen subject. The more extraneous information I read, the less I tend to act. Rather, I will be come paralyzed over whether I am optimizing my training time, and completely change the program I am on.

While I feel that there is always room for experimentation in one's program, I find that the easiest path to staying the course is to remember why I am training.

Am I lifting to become an athlete, bodybuilder, or powerlifter?
Do I really care how much I lift (past tiny competitions between my friends)?
Am I still getting bigger and stronger?
Well? It doesn't fucking matter if I am doing exercise X then, does it?

You simply cannot copy someone else's workout and expect the exact same results. Use what you enjoy and what works for you. The rest can foosh itself out of existence.

See Daniel. See Daniel run. See Daniel use roids and pussy weights. See Daniel's workout work for you! Click here! You tard. You mushy spineless tard.

I enjoy lifting heavy singles and triples for compound movements. I enjoy some side hypertrophy work. I enjoy hearing the roided up douchebag tell me to do more reps. I also enjoy out lifting said douchebag on everything except the bench press.

Study the basics of natural weight lifting. Go create a program you like, or copy something from a person who has spent their life both studying and practicing your art. 

Fuck the forums, save the empire. Get stronger.

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