Monday, May 9, 2011

FF7 and Making Out in Basements

I don't know what special attachments people have to old games. Personally, some of my oldest and distinct memories have their roots in electronics.

Super Mario Brothers - I used to call my dad downstairs to handle the long [sic] jump in level 1-1.

To be fair, everything looks huge to a 5 year old

Secret of Evermore - Set up almost as an escapist type of dream. I would return to Prehistoria nightly to meet my friends and slay some raptors. If you have known me for any appreciable amount of time, you have probably been a part of this dream.

Although everyone usually bails at this part

Final Fantasy 7 - My first kiss is forever linked to Barret's Big Shot limit break. The moment he blew his load on Air Buster's back, both Kristen and myself could no longer contain our sloppy lips. As Cloud tumbled towards a certain death through the cascading shrapnel that was once a Mako Power Plant, I was getting choked by a tongue. Thanks puberty!

Here, right here

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