Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cosplay: (God of War) Helios Head pt1

How do you shame a God? Tear his fucking head off and use it as a flashlight. Donezo.

This year's Kratos costume will use an item from God of War 3: Helios's severed head.

See the links below for the other installments of this series:
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Kratos haz a boner. Where does it go?
To create:
- Cut a foam head in half, insides sanded down
- Attached LEDs to the back of the head (may revise)
- Used a thermoplastic called Instamorph to create 'skin'

Looks like I hadn't jacked off in months

I am Krul, leader of the ant people. Kneel before Krul.

You wanna die? I said kneel bitch!

Next Steps:
- Paint Helios's plastic skin
- Add a wig and blood
- Potentially cut out the bottom of the head and insert more lights (and a mirror???)

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