Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cosplay: (God of War) Helios Head pt2

I've been working hard to get my Helios/Kratos costume ready for DragonCon 2012 :)
Both the head and costume come from the game God of War 3.

Please see the link below for the other installments of this prop:
Part 1
Part 3

Added a spray paint primer over the plastic mold. This allowed me to
get a base coat and still paint on top with acrylic paint. 

First run over the head with acrylic paint.

Added burnt eyes and bloody tears. It actually looks much better than this picture suggests...

Nick is wiring up headlamp lights to a battery pack.
It's good to know an electrical engineer.

More soldering pics. The headlamps are all connected to a single pack
of 3 triple A batteries. 

We took this video after Nick had hooked up the headlamps to a switch in the back of the head. Now I can charge up Helios' attack!

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