Monday, August 13, 2012

Saiyan Nutrition: Attacking your Food

I have a very simple diet. On training days, I attack food like it owes me money. On rest days, I take my time to learn how to cook healthy meals consisting of meat and vegetables.

For training days, I like to channel the Saiyan way of eating in DBZ. They never look at what they are eating, they ingest fuel until they can't move anymore. They do not snack all day, they imbibe large infrequent meals. If your sense of modesty (let's face it, decency) prevents you from doing this, think of an activity you do during that day that allows you to eat compulsively. When you are compulsively eating, you are not paying attention to hunger or any signs that you are full. You are shoveling shit into your mouth like it's your last meal. For me, this means reading a book while holding/forking my meal in the other hand. If your meal requires cutting (i.e. steak), do all of your prep work before you start to chow down. If your plate consists of carbs, proteins/fats, attack the protein/fat before you even think of touching the carbs. Do you feel like a plate of chicken after a bowl of pasta? I think not.

Go after it. Get stronger.

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