Saturday, August 18, 2012

Your workouts are too damn long

What appeared when I googled 'too much shit.'
You've got a friend in me.

Consider this...after approximately an hour of strength training, the trade off between a testosterone and cortisol boost turns sour. There is no reason why you should not be able to finish everything you need to in less than an hour. If you are consistently training for marathon sessions, perhaps it is time to objectively look at your routine and reflect a bit.

- How much shit is throwaway?
- How much work is isolation?
- How many movements are there just because they are your favorites?

Try this on for a solution.
Every session uses 1-3 heavy compound movements (rep ranges from 1-5). Partition your volume however you like, and try to keep your rests brief (provided you can still complete your work with good form). If you have finished your prescribed 3 movements in 45-50 minutes, the next 10-15 minutes are free time. Do your favorite exercise, do isolation, or leave. Your free time is not supposed to test the limits of the human genome. You did the hard shit already, now do something that doesn't matter. I think you will find you appreciate your choices more than if you struggled to keep everything in a 2hr block.

As an example, below is the workout I did last Sunday.
Back squats super set with weighted chinups
BS 135x5, CU BWx8
BS 165x3, CU 25x3
BS 185x3, CU 50x1
BS 225x3, CU 75x4
BS 245x2, CU 75x3
BS 265x2, CU 75x3
BS 285x2, CU 75x3
BS 305x1, CU 75x3
BS 315x2, CU 75x3
BS 230x6, CU 75x3
BS 230x6, CU 75x2
BS 230x6

Next, I super setted glute ham raises with klokov presses
GHR BWx9, K Press 125x5
GHR BWx9, K Press 125x4
GHR BWx9, K Press 125x3
K Press 70x3x11

This took 55 minutes to complete. I did one set of rear delt raises cause I felt like it (I had 0 energy for anything else). This is among my higher volume workouts. I usually finish all of the heavy shit within 45-50min after which I throw in some curls or pushdowns. Simple as that.

Get stronger, then do the pussy shit.

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