Friday, August 10, 2012

Master and Pupil

Their training complete for the day, Piccolo and Gohan sat by the roaring fire. Through swollen lips and bruised cheekbones, a smile swells onto Gohan's face.

"You know Mr. Piccolo, everyone says you are a bad person."

"Maybe they are right."

"But I don't think you are so bad. I think you are a really good person, you just put up a front for everyone. I was hoping after we beat the Saiyans, you could come to my birthday party..."

"Shut up and go to sleep runt! We have to train harder tomorrow."

Gohan jumped at the surge in anger from his master and quickly feigned sleep. Piccolo felt new rage well within his heart threatening to overtake him.

"I should kill him," he thought, "How dare he say those things about me."

Piccolo tried to kill the resting 4 year old. He tried to forget what he had heard. He tried to fight against the competing voices in his head.

But it was too late.

Piccolo had made a friend.

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