Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off Days and the Merits of the Turtle

Train like Goku and Krillin underneath Master Roshi.

Roshi: The reason one becomes strong is to win battles! Not to make girls say 'Ooooooh! You're so strong!' Studying to become strong will make you healthier in body and soul and will allow you to enjoy life more. But! If you or another is ever threatened by someone committing an injustice, you must strike them down in a single blow! Understand everything so far?

Goku: Not a bit.

Roshi: Basically, let's just train hard and enjoy our lives ok?

Be strong, be in shape.
Test yourself occasionally with competition and maximum efforts.
Remember there is always someone stronger, always someone better. This is not your motivation to push harder, this is the reality you strive to fight against.
A strong body is useless without a strong mind.

Roshi: Work well, study well, play well, eat well and sleep well! This is the way of Kamesen style!

Get stronger by the way of the Turtle Hermit.

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