Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chrisshea Mikottaaron

For the end of the world (12/21/12), some people decided to supply and bunker up. I decided to make a drinking game. We took (see: fucking stole) our direction from the Chardee MacDennis episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." We are still in progress of adding and altering rules, but here is what we have so far...

A Game of Games: Chrisshea Mikottaaron
Items you need to play (my version):
1. Peggle (PS3 downloadable)
2. NBA Jam (SNES or PS3, prefer SNES)
3. Mario Kart (SNES, N64, Gamecube, or Wii)
4. Smash Brothers (N64, Gamcube, or Wii)
5. Blindfold
6. Spoons (really anything light and plastic)
7. Duct Tape
8. Apples to Apples
9. Jenga

Music you need to play
Song: My Heart Will Go On
Any classical piece
Other than that, play your favorite mix in the background

Three Rounds of Gaming
1. Wine
2. Beer
3. Liquor

Every time you drink because of a loss in a round (or due to a rule), you must drink a beverage from your round. The first time a new round is breached, take a 1min cheese and classical break. Cheese and classical breaks emphasize civility and kindness. Make sure shit talking begins the moment these breaks end.

Each team of 2-4 people must win all 3 rounds in order to win.
In order to win a round, your team must:
- Win 3 rounds of Apples to Apples (collectively)
- Win a physical challenge
- If your team loses a physical challenge, you must win another 3 rounds of Apples to Apples in order to have another Physical Challenge attempt
- Winning a Physical Challenge as the opposing team simply prevents the challenging team from progressing
- The winning team breaks something that belongs to the losing team

Every time you personally win a round of Apples to Apples, draw a CHANCE card
Every time your team collectively wins 3 rounds of Apples to Apples, draw a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE card

1. I Am the Bat
You must escape sight from all players before the end of the game without being noticed
If you fail, your team automatically loses

2. Quote this Shit
If any movie quote is used in any context for the rest of the game, social

3. Shaman card
Also known as the Don Cheetle rule
For the rest of the round, you can only speak in mysticism. Your sentence does NOT have to make sense.
Drink if you laugh at someone's quote. Drink if you fail to follow this rule.
Other cards with similar rules override this card
Ex: Like a butterfly hiding his grubs, I will avenge you

4. Triforce Card
You have obtained the triforce, bend the world to your will
Make a rule that stands for the remainder of the game

5. Contra Card
To say anyhting for the rest of the round, you must pull a Contra pose (Google Contra 3 pose)

6. The Room Card
Everyone is armed with 5 plastic spoons (or 5 plastic objects)
If you hit someone with a thrown spoon, they drink
If you miss, drink 3
This is valid for the rest of the game or until you run out of spoons

7. Muff Cabbage
Pull out a large trash bag and wear it for the remainder of the game.

1. Blind Charades
Player who draws the physical challenge card is blindfolded.
Teammate draws an Apples to Apples card. Teammate must describe the card to the blindfolded player using gibberish, grunts, or stomps (anything but language). Allowed to sing gibberish. You have 1min to complete the challenge.
Opposing team may make either player drink at any time (stops the clock).

2. Back Drawing
Each team sends a champion. Both champions look at the same Apples to Apples card.
Champions choose a teammate partner. Draw (with closed pen) the card on the teammate's back. First teammate who guesses the picture wins. You have 1.5min to complete the challenge.

3. Play Jenga
Distractions are allowed and encouraged.

4. Slaps
Each team sends forward a champion.
Play the hand slapping game, each person gets 3 chances to hit the other person. Must slap the opposite hand to score a point.

5. Gaming Challenge 1 - Peggle
Most Beaver appearances wins. If tied (or no beavers) highest score wins.

6. Gaming Challenge 2 - Blind NBA Jam
Blindfold the player. Teammate directs the player on where to go. Quarters are 2min long.

7. Gaming Challenge 3 - Mario Kart

8. Gaming Challenge 4 - Smash Brothers

9. Hair Demon
Apply duct tape to the hairiest person playing (champion's choice). Whoever has harvested the most amount of hair wins.

10. I'll Never Let Go
Turn on the Titanic soundtrack ("My Heart Will Go On"). One player leans over a structure until their feet leave the ground. Their teammate (feet on the ground) holds them for time. The team who lets go last wins.

11. Haiku
Everyone has 2 min to write a Haiku based off of a card they draw. Vote on the best for the win.

12. One Word Story
Draw an apples to apples card. Tell a story one word at a time (go in a circle) about the card. If you repeat a word, take longer than 1 second to answer, or make a shitty sentence, you lose.

13. Psychic Battle
Google 'SouthPark psychic battle' or 'Cartman vs psychics.'
Have a psychic battle of the minds between your teams.
Whoever laughs first loses.

14. Slap Cup
Place ~20 solo cups in the center of a table
Fill all cups with a small amount of cheap beer
Fill one cup to the brim with beer. This is the bitch cup, and it is not your friend.

Arrange Champions (all players play) around the table in an alternating fashion
- Team 1 Member 1
- Team 2 Member 1
- Team 1 Member 2
- Team 2 Member 2
and so on...

Two players across from each other have a ping pong ball and an empty solo cup
When the game begins, both players with an empty cup attempt to bounce the ball into the cup (bounce outs count as well)
When the player makes the ball in the cup, pass the cup and ball to the player on your right
If you make the ball into the cup and the player to the right of you also has an empty solo cup in front of them (but has yet to make a shot), bitch slap their cup off the table. That player takes a solo cup from the center of the table and drinks. The game DOES NOT STOP for this to happen. Once the losing player finishes drinking, they may try to make another shot into their empty solo cup. Meanwhile, the other empty solo cup goes around the table again. The point is to fuck the player who is drinking as much as possible by bringing the cup around again and force them to drink repeatedly.

If a player makes the ping pong ball into the solo cup on their first try, they may place the empty cup in front of anyone they desire. This may be used as a strategy to make specific players drink.

The last person to have their cup slapped drinks the bitch solo cup. Thereby losing the game, and the physical challenge. 

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