Friday, March 15, 2013

Tips and Tricks: Dumbbell Snatch/Eccentric Press

Thanks go out to Ben Bruno for this gem. I have already blogged on the merits of using the dumbbell snatch as a muscular recovery or maintenance movement. Ben has conveniently displayed how you can also use this movement for shoulder assistance.

The movement is completed in 2 parts.
1. Snatch the dumbbell to full extension
- Use your lats and traps to pull the dumbbell above your head
- Pull from the hang or power position
- Duck into a quarter vertical squat to catch the dumbbell

2. Lower the dumbbell slowly as like a reverse dumbbell press
- Keep the pressure on your shoulder and tricep during the descent
- Brace your abs and glutes

Ben suggests 4 sets of 5 (4x5). I heartily agree.

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