Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Video Game Bodyweight Training

Why the fuck is Wolverine doing cardio?

Last night I revitalized one of my favorite training methods for the methodically lazy asshole. While playing video games (non-online), create a trigger that periodically forces you to do one set of a bodyweight movement.

Exercises to Use
My most commonly used exercise is the clapping pushup. This way, I can keep my reps relatively low (I range from 10-25 reps per set depending on how I feel), but also not feel like I am drained from a large amount of volume for future weight training workouts.

Feel free to experiment with whatever bodyweight exercise you like. Examples are...
- Squats (this may not work because of how many reps you can burn out)
- Jumping Squats
- Pistols
- Pushups (and all variations)
- Pullups (and all variations)

How to Implement
First off, stand up while you play video games. If you sit down or lie down, you are more likely to stay that way. Again, any time a certain trigger occurs, do an exercise for as many reps as you can.

Trigger Examples
- With any RPG, when any character in your party gains a level. In Kingdom hearts, this trigger was pulled every 7-10 minutes.
- In short action games, when you finish a level. In Contra 3, this trigger was pulled every 7-10 minutes.
- In sports games, when a quarter ends
Blah blah blah

Create a trigger so the intervals are spaced apart by a few minutes. This methodology is NOT a training session. It is a way to get in light extra work without cutting into your recovery time.

Get stronger

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