Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Mouth is Now Basic

I had a small accident on Sunday...

After I'm finished making something in a frying pan, habit dictates that I will immediately wash the pan before eating. As I was in a hurry to leave my apartment on this sunny afternoon, I threw dish soap on the still burning surface of the pan. To remedy this problem, I applied a wet sponge to the pan in order to remove the soap (somehow, turning the sink on did not seem like a viable option). My thumb slips off the sponge and lands on the steaming pan, burning the living shit out of my skin.

My brain had a short conversation with Instinct, and they both decided the best course of action was to shove the fiery thumb inside my mouth to quell this horrible burn. Unfortunately, my thumb had picked up the majority of the boiling dish soap in the pan, so I got a mouth full of burning skin and bubbles.

I'm...dumb as hell. Get smarter.

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