Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Archer: DragonCon 2011

In addition to Kratos, I played Woodhouse Manservant in an Archer group costume (by far the worst outfit of anyone, by whatevs). If you have not seen Archer, get the fuck on hulu now and fix yourself.

Full team. Looking sexy.

Woodhouse and Gaara go way back to the old war

S'ok, happens 2-3 times a year

What about "I'm a cyborg" do you not understand?

Cause how hard is it to poach a God damnned egg Woodhouse?


Go ahead and shoot. That's how you get ants.

Bock Bock

Archer panel: Lucky Yates (voice of Krieger, face of Ray), a whole bunch of background artists

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  1. Omg ur so Awasome. I went to anime con in boston as archer.