Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dragoncon 2012: Costume Ideas

1. Gantz Super Suit
In case you didn't know, Gantz is the only manga series that takes pride in killing off it's main characters. Like this guy? Poof. Dead. This chick just got nailed in her brown uhoh. Cool. Poof. Dead.

Basically, there is a being called Gantz who makes copies of humans when they die (this will be the 2 second summary of this show). The copies are forced to fight against aliens in a hunt armed with futuristic weapons and power suits. If you die fighting the aliens, you are dead for good. If you survive, you have the opportunity to earn points for the aliens you have killed. When you reach 100 points, you have 3 options: go free (and have your memory wiped),  start again at 0 points and get a super cool weapon, or exchange 100 points to revive someone who has died while attached to Gantz (anyone who has been made into a copy).

Some people get addicted to the hunt itself, and end up choosing option 2. Clearing once gets you a Z-gun.

After several hundred points have been earned (it has not been made clear how many clears earns this), you get a super suit. This is what I want to make for next year's DragonCon.

Someone has already created a rendered version, so I have a place to start.

2. Edgar (Final Fantasy 6)
One of my favorite characters for the first half of Final Fantasy 6, Edgar is kind of a pretty boy.

Why would I want to dress up like this tool? Easy, he has tools.

Chain Saw Grawwwwwww!
Edgar totes an autocrossbow, air anchor, bio blaster, chain saw, debilitator, drill, flash, and noise maker. I want to find a way to carry and use them all.

3. Wolfwood (Trigun)
Giant cross wielding maniac priest. What is a Jew to do?

 4. God Kefka (Final Fantasy 6)
After Kefka absorbs the powers from the Gods of Magic, he becomes more than a wicked clown. He goes full purple, lays Ultima spells on you like hot cakes, and plays with a little version of himself. Badass.

 5. Steampunk Dark Link
I have no idea what this would look like. Something as a combination of the following costumes...

6. Goldmember

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