Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kratos: DragonCon 2011

Finally! Some fucking cosplay!

My skin is irritated as hell from the shaving and makeup, my feet have blisters from the shitty sandals, and my thighs have 0 zero skin left on them from the bandages I wore.

Who gives a shit. I am Kratos.

Taken by my coworker. About when the bandages started to slip.

Oh hai there. Fuck you.

Crazy 88 vs Hammer


You want MORE?

Dr. Henrietta Killinger and her magical murder bag

Talking shop

Wood Man, Magnet Man, and Blackie?

Lich King. Epic.

Roy Mustang stole my shit



Sweep vs hammer. Sweep is a dick.

My pretend girlfriend for the night to fend off the bad touch cougars


Upset at having my hammer blocked, I kill a leprechaun

Had no idea they were doing other poses
Don't remember this. Don't care.


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