Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deadlift Special pt Deux

Now son, who took your bike?

So far, my push/pull/deadlift program is going quite well. Below are my current maxes after one month on the program (everything using a number greater than 1 for a rep count is a current working set value):

Sumo Deadlift: 415x1 --> 445x1
Back Squat 300x2
Front Squat 190x3 --> 205x3
Bench Press 235x1 --> 235x1, suck
Rack Pull/Shrug 405x3 --> 450x3, easy to increase
Dips 80x4 --> 90x4
Chinups 60x4 --> 70x4

Physical changes? I'm starting to look like Bane. Yes. Yes. Yes. I received a lot of unwanted attention last night from a lot of my old coworkers. None of it was derogatory (ooo, you got fucking huge man, you look like an MMA fighter, etc), but I just get embarrassed by that kind of shit. At least none of them asked me how much I bench press now. Never ask that fucking question.

I attribute most of my back size to different levels of stimulation of the same muscle fibers (this is total bro-science, deal with it). The combination of heavy (sumo deadlifts/rack pulls/shrugs), medium (weighted chin-ups), and light (seated rows).

The oly lifts I abandoned do not seem to have fallen at all. In fact, lifts that were difficult before (i.e. 200-225 power clean) fly up with 0 problem. I mostly attribute this to increased lat activation, size, and strength.

I've also noticed 3 heavy sessions is plenty in a week. The 'small sessions' Paul Carter referred to is just extra volume I'm not crazy about. I prefer to rest up and do some bodyweight work/sprints instead.

Until things slow down considerably, I am going to stay the course. If my deadlift progress full on stops, I will switch over to a similar squat/bench focused program (and work on maintaining my deadlift strength).

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