Sunday, July 22, 2012

Try and Calibrate

There are two terrible things you can do while trying to make gains on a strength/size program.
1. Constantly change your main exercises
2. Alter all elements of your training philosophy

We are ALL guilty of this, but we need to recognize the problem for what it is. If you do not follow a consistent and methodical process to reach your goals, you are wasting your time. Perhaps this is ok in your book (I'm looking at you there muscle confusion retards), but anyone looking to get bigger and stronger needs to stay the course unless something is seriously wrong.

I've reached a point where I can no longer read any fitness threads on reddit. They all offer the same questions:
Barbell bench vs Dumbbell Bench?
Leg Press vs Squats?
Which row is the best row?
Why is my leaky vagina so cold?

Dude, you are looking for an answer that does not exist. Generic programs (i.e. 5/3/1, Starting Strength, etc) exist because they feature time tested movements and rep ranges that will work for anyone. This does not mean that these are the best movements for you, nor should you venture to tell anyone which are the best movements/rep schemes for them.

If a movement seems interesting to you, try and add one on a -10% (i.e. shit-tastic) training day, or at the end of a regular training session. Notice I said add one, not 20. If you change 20 variables at once, 19 may be magic and one might be poison. If you are able to sort through the garbage by adding/editing one movement at a time, you will be able to note how this affects your training strength and progress. If this new movement inspires improvements over a month's time, calibrate and consider adding it as a staple in your routine.

An easy way to include this methodology in your routine without going nuts is by labeling one movement in each training day that does not change no matter what. This movement should allow you to work with heavy ass weights, and you shall not dare fuck with it.

For example, my current routine below details out which movements I consider vital vs open for calibration (labeled with CAL):


Day 1
Sumo Deadlift 8x3
Klokov Press 24-30 reps CAL
Seated Row 30-60 reps CAL

Day 2
Back Squat (work to a max double)
Back Squat 1x10
Front Squat 5x3
DB Bench 5x5 CAL
Chinup 8x3 CAL

Day 3
Dips 24-30 reps
Seated Row 30-60 reps CAL
Rack Pull/Shrugs 8x3, 1x10


Experiment and calibrate. Level up. Profit.
Get stronger.

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