Monday, July 23, 2012


A White Giant sighs. I am born into a hostile desert.
From the heat comes a gentle whisper.
This whisper becomes a wind, the wind a gale, the gale a prod towards a light in the sky
My Journey begins

Sweeping the sand dunes by the graves of my brothers
Find the will to fly, find the friends to soar, find the way to my salvation
I wish I could speak to my fallen brothers at each stone, when did you lose sight of your Journey? When did you want to die?

Into the pits I fall, eluding beasts of times past
Journey's light will show me where to go, other light will kill me where I stand
Will the beasts' light find me? Will its sharp grip come as a shock or a relief?

Frozen. There is nothing here but wind and death. The pyramid's light is close, but it is forever pushed beyond my reach
The White Giants laugh at me with icy breath pushing my feet into the wet rubble
This is where I fall. This is where I become another stone on the path.
I sink into the snowy path, and everything becomes warm again.
My eyes are open, but it doesn't matter anymore. There is nothing to see.

The White Giants find me worthy, my Journey admirable
They toss my broken body up the mountain
My Journey is over, the light within my reach
Did I win? Or did I do nothing at all?

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