Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Misc End of Year Cosplay 2014

I put together a few last minute costumes for Halloween (2 actually) and Christmas his year. Cosplay outside of cons is definitely a bit different, but always enjoyable just the same.

Halloween 2014 Costume 1: Terrance and Phillip (South Park)
My friend Keenan and I had a great time being Canadian, although depressingly few people knew who we were. I made sure to drink a buttload of chocolate milk prior to going out. The farts, so strong.

Halloween 2014 Costume 2: Mario Kart (The blue shell)
This night was a massive shit show in Orlando. I saw some things I'd sooner forget, and was down for the count well into the following afternoon. Video credits (bottom picture) go to Sean Pitts, the man with the golden Go-Pro.

Christmas 2014: Harry and Marv, the Wet Bandits (Home Alone)
Chain of events for XMAS
- Polished off a handle of Fireball by myself
- Played 'Sexy Sax Man' on my trumpet to a party of unsuspecting people
- Continued to party in downtown St. Pete, narrowly shoving my friend into a taxi before he tried to bust down the door of a closed bar
- Walked home for some reason, singing 'I'm a Jew on Christmas' to anyone still outside
- Made it back home in one piece
- Played a little Skyrim, ate some reheated dinner
- Found vomit outside my door in the morning

Someone is framing me. That was not my vomit.

Mysteries aside, I had an awesome time in this costume. My friend (the one who tried to kick in a bar's door) had never cosplayed before, and he really got into it. I'm dressed like a hunched over Harry (Joe Pesci), my friend is dressed as Marv (Daniel Stern).

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