Monday, December 1, 2014

Shoulder Super Set: DB Snatch (Press Negative) and DB High Pulls

In an attempt to build out my shoulders for my next costume (Frieza final form). I vastly increased my pressing and raises volume over the past few weeks. And then, the inevitable happened. 40 reps into a rear lateral raise, I felt a small pop in my medial delt. Boom! Bang! Bizow! My left shoulder is in sandy vagina mode.

I've only ever felt three(3) movements work for building shoulders: 
- Behind the neck push press (right wrist bends, pushing 80% the weight onto my left shoulder)
- Strict military press (tweaked my neck 5 times now, and it sucks harder every time)
- Weighted dips. Awesome overall at building the chest/triceps/shoulders, but pretty much impossible to use at the moment

Post injury, I've found a movement that I can still work with. Ultimately, I want to re-incorporate weighted dips and overhead pressing back into my life. As I've stated in previous posts, work around your injuries. Find a way to continue growing in the face of adversity. 

Dumbbell Snatch with Press Negative, DB High Pulls
I've already blogged about this movement here. Turns out it is incredibly shoulder friendly whether something hurts or not. To perform:
- Hold a dumbbell in the hang position
- Snatch the dumbbell over your head in one movement (technique be damned, just get it overhead)
- Bending your elbow, slowly lower the dumbbell (4-5 count) in the negative of a press rather than a snatch
- Perform 5 sets of 5-10 reps

For some extra volume per arm, perform high pulls with the same dumbbell after completing a set of snatches. Allow your lats and traps to stretch slightly at the bottom of each rep. Contract your glutes, lats, and traps to pull the dumbbell back up in the air. 

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