Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kratos Costume pt4: Barbarian Hammer

Kratos Costume Updates
Nick and I spent Saturday putting together Kratos' barbarian hammer. Nick more or less taught me how to fish, and I think I'll be leading up the design/production from here on out (although, thank you good sir).

Since it's been a long time, this is the barbarian hammer.

4x2x2 Insulation foam (Home Depot lumbar section)
Three types of sandpaper (smooth, rough, and scorned vagina grades)
Paint (not sure which type)
Gorilla Glue
Bamboo Skewers

1. Stained my wooden dowel blood red. Next steps are to douse white bandages in a red/black wash and wrap the dowel
2. Gorilla glue all equal sized circles together (3 circles each). Cut and sand groups of 3 circles until they are the same size, smoothing groups before I continue
3. Hammer bamboo skewers (~4 per group) through circle groups for more stability
4. Gorilla glue groups of circles and cube together
5. Cut spikes out of insulation foam scrap (~16, not really sure)
6. Gorilla glue spikes to the front of the largest circle group, and around the circumference of the 3rd large circle
7. Cover entire hammer in gesso. This step will seal cracks and allow me to paint on top of the foam
8. Paint the hammer
9. Dry paint the hammer (give it a worn look)
10. Glue and clamp the wooden dowel inside the foam cube
11. (Questionable) Add counter weights to the back of the hammer if necessary

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