Thursday, July 14, 2011

Morning Superset #1

The only thing I despise more than cardio is cardio in the morning. I've found a way around what I hate, while still getting some quality gym time in.

Morning Superset#1
a. Split Squats 5x10 (per leg)
b. Dumbbell (DB) Bench Press 10x10

Most hotels should be able to accomodate this routine. You will alternate between split squats and DB bench press every single time you stop moving. So...

1. Split squat left leg
2. DB Bench
3. Split squat right leg
4. DB Bench
...and so on
End result will be 5 sets per leg on split squats, 10 sets of DB Bench

Progress on split squats by adding reps and weight when you can. You will be using the bench press for sheer volume, so always use whatever weight you can handle (it will likely be the largest pair your hotel has to offer). DB Bench should be done with a tempo of 1030 (push up for one count, immediately start going back down, take 3 counts to return down, immediately push up the next rep).


Get stronger (in the morning, bleh).

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