Sunday, July 10, 2011

Noot d Noot: There and Back Again Review of a Funk Revolution

Noot d Noot
I was a musical late bloomer. While all of my friends circled around Offspring and Smash Mouth (ok, a little exaggeration on that second one), my musical exposure was limited to my dad's violin practice and my mom's Enya tapes*. It took some good friends and a lot of weed, but I found the world of funk. It changed my life forever.

Years passed, beards grew, and although I have loved many styles of music, my love for funk has never burned brighter. I thought I liked funk because of the grooves, the fusion of jazz and soul given life on stage, and the afro'd babes. I thought I liked funk, and then I found Noot d Noot.

Noot d Noot respects its funk roots while bringing something new to the table. Every performance, groovy meets electro, and it is a site to behold. Last night in East Atlanta's own Earl venue, I swooned when Noot's African Queen sang Jack, I nearly twisted my ankle dancing to Take It Off, and I will have Balm Yard stuck in my head for days. It's crazy, it's funky, and it won't leave you wanting. If you live in Atlanta, you need some Noot in your life.

Noot d Noot is local to Atlanta, and post all of their shows on their facebook page.

*Try listening to Enya every morning for 7 years straight. I fucking dare you.

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