Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Get Stronger?

Just cause it's awesome? Next.
I end every one of my posts with Get Stronger for a reason.

Many people (see: most) work out because they want to look good naked. And...I have 0 problem with that. The issue with ONLY working out for aesthetic purposes is that it will never be enough. You will never feel skinny enough, muscular enough, or pretty enough to please yourself. Although you may know this in the back of your head, denial is a powerful slut.

Well why the fuck doesn't this work?
Surely you can see yourself changing as you train, but to focus on the aesthetic is also to focus on how people view you. It's no longer an approval of yourself, but external validation is also needed in order to feel...'perfect.' Once you have placed the value of looks in someone else's hands, you have failed to spend your time on yourself.

Do beautiful women and high self esteem typically go together? I didn't think so. This is not always the case, but I've seen far more beautiful women and men that are pleased with their bodies who worked to get stronger than worked to get naked.

Work for yourself, getting naked will take care of itself.

I'd fuck me. Get stronger.

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