Monday, September 3, 2012

DragonCon 2012: General Photo Album

I've attached everything I took at DragonCon 2012 below.

Cause everyone needs a hag sometimes. Teemosil!
I was very impressed with the Bane costumes this year. Super nice.
Guts from Berserk. Yes.
Gluttony from FMA
My favorite Venture Brothers character :)
From my favorite movie :)
Me. Drunk. With a dolphin.
Best villain duo? I think so.
FF9 Dragoon Class
Mexican Mario Brothers. Nuff said.
All of the furries at the con were jealous of the hugs this guy received 
Fem Wolfwood
Omgerd Tifa.
Hipster Hellsing
Excellent Kingdom Hearts Master Form
Tried to talk to this guy. He kept mumbling something about his tongue getting stuck in the Batman face slit.
Homeless Goku
My friends Shea and Nick (two to the right) were happy to find another Deathnote cosplayer
He was not amused when I asked him for a Destructo Disc
Karl. Yes.
I want to bang Lust, but only if Gluttony gets to watch.
Harvey Birdman, cancelled because Stephen Colbert got popular
This Xandir lived and breathed his costume all weekend
This world is filled with LOVE AND PEACE, LOVE AND PEACE
Jesus Christ!
Has a stereo in his costume. Everywhere he walked spawned a dance party.
I am so confused (The Dude + Klingon + Tron?)
I asked where their Uma Thurman went. Not amused.
And my second favorite Venture Brothers character
My favorite picture of the Con by far.
I love cosplayers who take a 10 second clip from a show and make a costume
Venture Brothers Henchmen, upgraded armor that never exists
They were holding a Temple Guard's head and using it to hold vodka. Not kidding.
Bear Jew
Lakitu gets crafty
Fem Vegeta. Hot.
Best DBZ cosplay I have ever seen
8 year olds dude
Cid FF7
Samus Zero Suit

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