Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Sumo Power Shrug

Sumo Power Shrugs
Keep the bar CLOSE to your body. I usually scrap my thighs a lot. 
The entire motion occurs in thefull extension of a sumo rack pull.
Do not bend too much at your knees. The rebound from each rep will tear them up. Instead, bend a slight amount at the knees (barely break them) and use your hips to push and catch the weight. Remember, we are just trying to move the weight as much as possible, not get a full hold/extension.
Do not lean forward to build momentum, thiswill kill your lower back and end your day very quickly. 
In a full extension,the dip to build momentum occurs at the hips.
When dealing with maximal weights, range of motion is not the most important thing. Remember, you are (well...supposed to be) using weights well over your deadlift maximum. Just get the weight moving and shrug as hard as you can.
Get fucking angry
Hold your breathe until your reps are done. Lose your breathe and expect your lower back to take the brunt of the weight.

EDIT 11/3/12
Don't know why this visual helps, but it certainly did the trick for me (until my right hand exploded in a mound of blood blisters).

Imagine your body is a T-shaped crane with weights being supported on either end of the 'T.' If the weights stay close to the base of the crane, the crux of the 'T' bends but holds steady. However, if the weights gain momentum away from the crane's base, the crane releases the weights to protect the base.

EDIT 8/9/13
Squeeze your lats like you are trying to crush them into your body. Stay tight throughout the entire set.

EDIT 3/6/14
If you are having trouble powering up, start each rep from the pins (knee or slightly above knee height). Use the same explosive force to shrug the weight up. You may initially get less reps, but you will get slightly more pulling volume from successive rack pulls.

Surgeon general's recommended set/rep range
Option 1: Straight Sets
8-10x3, heavy with low rest periods
1x10 50-60 lbs less than your 8-10x3 sets (done after your heavy sets), busted out if you have the energy for it

Option 2: Top Down Pyramid
Over warmup with a static hold (somewhere in the range of > 50lbs of your top set. Hold the bar as long as possible while maintaining tension in your lats, glutes, and abs.

Work sets are 3xamap. Decrease the weight by about 40lbs each set. Increase each set's weight when you can hit 10 reps at a weight.

Option 3: Bottom Up Pyramid
Start with 135 on the bar, get 10 reps
Increase each set by 25 or 45 plates (185 or 225 will be your next set)
Stop when you cannot hit 10 reps on a set (or 5, whatever, just make it hard)

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