Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Chin-Ups

Keep your distance from your forearms. Staying too close to your forearms eliminates your back from the lift and focuses the pressure on your biceps/forearms.
If you constantly find the last 25% of the lift is impossible because you have 'nowhere to pull to,' this is likely your problem.
The final 25% of the lift should still find your body moving towards (and upwards) the chin bar, not simply up to it. Another cue that this is a problem is if your elbows constantly hurt.
Pull almost like a lever from your back, driving the elbows down.
An easy way to activate your back is to consciously lean back a little at the beginning of the pull.
Pull hard or be remain stapled at the beginning.

Surgeon General's Recommended Set/Rep Range-
Doesn't matter. Do them, lots of them. Weighted and unweighted.
I tend to gravitate towards 8x3 like my other heavy movements (weighted), but 6x4 is just as good.

DBZ Character Channeled - Yamcha. He would. Biceps brah.

Used the spirit bomb before it was cool

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