Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Sumo Deadlift

I have read about many different 'correct' ways to do the sumo deadlift. Mine is NOT on any of those lifts. I deadlift the way I do because it keeps me injury free, allows me to pull heavy and often (well, kinda), and it lends itself well to high volume. As with any other movement you learn on your own, you can research any number of 'best ways' to do something online, but you are not going to know how your body mechanics work around and under a bar until you log some time in the gym.

Be careful, experiment, and don't be a pussy.

Keep your damn hips up. 
If you find yourself 'squatting' the weight up, you are doing it dead wrong. Your quads will object to this immediately, very easy problem to diagnose and fix.
As with conventional deadlifts, keep your chest up. You should feel an isometric contraction in your lats and glutes before you leave the ground.
Prior to liftoff, you should be able to feel the weight across the entire perimeter of both feet (not just the outside or inside.
Get over the bar, not behind it. Your back should be able to pull the weight up (mid back, not lower back) while your entire lower body is pressing hard into the ground.

Surgeon General's Recommended Set/Rep Ranges
8x3 if working with submaximal weights
Sometimes, you just have to find out your max…

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