Monday, December 6, 2010

Fear and Loathing on the Oregon Trail

Life is a lot like traveling on the Oregon Trail.

No matter what profession or walk of life you belong to, you will eventually find yourself overwhelmed and seemingly powerless. You were not built to run at 100% all the time, and when you overload yourself with life and worries, something is going to give. It's when you are at your lowest that you allow the small stuff to affect and control your life, and you lose sight of your goals.

No matter what happens to your wagon, it's important to get back on. Momentary setbacks do not dictate your progress in the long run. Take care of yourself and move forward as a person, the rest will follow.

Sometimes it's best to slow things down to a walk when you are dead set on a grueling pace. Sometimes breaking an axle just means you have more time to hunt.

Seriously, stop fording the river
Fear and loathing on the Oregon Trail is part of life. Get back on the wagon, and get stronger.

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  1. Thanks. Take it from someone who's out of bullets and fording a river with dysentery: this is exactly what I needed to hear today.