Monday, December 13, 2010

Kratos Costume pt2

Costume Developments
I've had some trouble deciding how my Kratos costume should be constructed. I will be far from the first person to try, and not the first person to try with a decent physique. I've noticed 2 things that have remained fairly constant with people who show up in Kratos garb.

1. There are several costumes available in each game. Only the default costume has been used for cosplay.
2. Everyone uses his default weapons (the blades of chaos). The sole exception I've seen was a Kratos holding a medusa head along with his blades (a magic ability from the first 2 games). 

In response, I will use Kratos' FEAR costume.

Can, you count, my teeth? Ehhheehhh.
It will make life easier when it comes to painting my body (don't have to worry about shading along muscles) and coloring the costume itself.

Also, I am looking at different weapons to construct that won't be taken away from me when I enter the building. Still not sure what to do yet...

Nemean Cestus. Best weapon evar.

Barbarian Hammer. What God would use to smite used hookers.

Blade of Artemus. Quickly giving Kratos cancer.

Blade of Olympus. Given to Kratos for some reason...

Claws of Hades. Pointy purple rave sticks.

Nemesis Whip. Rar.

Current Standings 1RM
Squat – 305
Deadlift – 405
Sumo Deadlift – 445
Bench Press – 250 LvlUp
Powerclean - 210
Chinup – BW+75lbs x 5 LvlUp 

Kratos doesn't approve of your blog. Get stronger.

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