Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Dream Gym

I had a dream about what kind of gym I would own...

Name: Deathmetal and Deadlifting
Entrance: A giant mouth
Music: Deathmetal, der

8 squat racks, 4 of them cages
- equipped with bands and chains
8 benches
- equipped with bands and chains
- boards available for board presses
Bosu Balls nailed to the walls with blood trailing out of the business end
Prowler lanes available 
Cardio equipment is sparse and has 2 options: normal and malicious
- normal operates however you set it
- malicious changes inclines and speeds at random, all treadmills have personalities that laugh at you and taunt you when it makes changes
All weights are bumper plates and will be dropped constantly

Mom teaches yoga and shaman journeys
Segment of gym is dedicated to crossfit
- large timer available for group exercises
- several pullup bars next to each other
- medicine balls available for wall ball

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