Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dirty Knowledge and Other GChats

From Dirty...
With (in order): intelligence, courage, ambition, and have a chance at having integrity...and the ability to do/change just about anything

I'll use my fatty I was angry when this came up.

If you're stupid...then nothing will inform you that heart disease, diabetes, etc. is a bad thing.
If you are too scared to take a good look at yourself and eliminate all excuses...then you'll never have an environment to succeed in not being a fatass.
If you're apathetic to the end game of being a fatass (lower quality of living, horrifically painful death), then you'll never have the drive to make changes.
If you don't have the willpower to resist temptation, then you'll never be able to stick to your changes.

Without all of the can never really be sure you have integrity in your life decisions.  Because you can be either: manipulated through stupidity; intimidated by consequences; indifferent to injustice; lacking in resolve. it could just be the bourbon or my anger from the Marta ride talking, but at the moment....this makes sense.

Meanwhile, in another chat window, this happened...
so im fuckin her from behind like 2 minutes ago
pull out
rip off condom
and explode like the whole load in her hair
dude it was huge
she is so mad at me right now
me: did you scrub it in?
a little

I like my friends.

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