Sunday, February 27, 2011

Level Up: New Squat/Deadlift Max

Today, I got some very good advice on my deadlift form (alas, training alone allows you to develop shitty habits sometimes), and was able to identify my major weak points in training.

First...this happened.

 Deadlift Max Lift (405-->465)

I brought my current deadlift max from 405 to 425, then 445, then fucking 465 out of nowhere. Granted, it was ugly, but they were complete.

Squat Max Lift (305-->315)
Worked up to 315 and hit it like it was nothing
Set 1, was my bitch
Set 2, was slightly hard
Set 3, I accuse my training partner of adding weight when I got water
Set 4, my legs shat themselves
Set 5, I looked silly for 15seconds before I sat down in defeat

Current maxes
Bench - 250 (need to test, pulled 10 singles of 230 like it wasn't there)
Overhead Press - 160
Squat - 315
Deadlift - 465
Behind the Neck Press - 210
Powercleans - Ten Triples at 190

With this, my powerlifting total finally broke 1000 (bench/squat/deadlift): 250 + 315 + 465 = 1030.
Level up. Get stronger.

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