Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Level 1-3, and Everything Else that Matters

When I was 5 I got my first nintendo.
I was terrified of Super Mario Brothers
The game confounded me
I would call my dad into the room to handle the large jump in level 1-1
and I was forever stuck on level 1-2
I had dreams about what level 1-3 would be like
I was convinced people would pop out of the TV and shake my hand
fireworks would go off
and I would be thanked for beating the hardest level of all time
I truly believed this
and when the dust settled, I finally reached my goal

A bit of my childhood died away in a silent jump to the next level
no thanks
no awards
not even a princess
but sometimes...
if you time it juuuust right
you can still get those fireworks to jump out
and they make me smile

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