Sunday, February 20, 2011

Past Kratos Cosplayers

I've been looking up people who have done the Kratos costume in the past in order to pick up as many do's and don'ts as I can along the way.

Most of these guys did a pretty damn good job. All things considered, it's pretty hard to nail down the Kratos physique and attitude.

Vegan Kratos
This guy is skinny as shit. I'm not completely crazy about the costume either, although I really do like the blood glazed on his blades. Another option he presents is not painting himself at all (besides the red), which would be a reference to the pre-GOW game style of Kratos.

It was too late, he was already one of them
Robot Kratos. Pfft, ok.

Beta Kratos wants you to know, he's here for you and your feelings
Paint job looks a little rough, but the main problem I have with this getup is the attitude. There is 0 malevolence in this face.

Is actually a black guy
Why this dude didn't stay black and go with the fear costume is beyond me. The entire costume looks pretty good, but the one point I'd like to make is he looks too clean (no fault against him, it's just my personal preference for this costume). He looks like he was shining his skin and weapons before this picture.

What I've learned from Jenni Kallberg's Samus costume, is that the battle worn look adds a new dimension to your look. I want to add cuts and strains to the paint on my body, fake blood on my face and chest, and stain my blades with rust and blood. Done.

Obviously put a lot of time into his costume (this is Kratos as the actual God of War after he murders Aries), there just isn't anything that appeals to me in this costume.

I know
I wanted to site this costume for one reason. This seems to be the only guy who bothered to find a way to fit the blades of chaos onto his back when he got tired of holding them. In the game, they somehow magically adhere to Kratos' back. Da fuck?

I'll have to look at other options, but for now it seems like I'm holding whatever I make.

While I'm not sure if these 2 pictures are the same guy (he appeared in Brazil for the GOW3 release party), but they both have the same thing that pisses me off. They have the muscles to pull off the costume, but they painted themselves silly with detail. looks kinda cool, but it just looks like a lie. 

Fucking scary. This is my favorite Kratos by far. He's too skinny to fill out the costume, but he doesn't seem to give a shit. He is sharp and will hurt you.


This guy was at DragonCon last year. I like how he has broken away from the norm by donning a Medusa head as one of his weapons.

Hey! Well...ok.

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