Thursday, February 17, 2011

Movies pt4: The Masked Pretender

Worked on this with Nick, Shea, Kit, Phillip, and a few kittens.

The 10min version was much prettier than the 5min version we had to submit for CMF. Regardless, this is one I like more and more as time goes on.

A great deal of things that bother me about this film were caused simply because we ran out of time, or I fucked up with the lighting/audio recording.

Zac Caplan did the music for us, and it sounds pretty good (most notably the Bane segment). The only real piece of audio that irks me is Phillip's (Robin) voice over about 7seconds into the movie. Fuck. FUCK.

Other than that, the only real disappointing thing was nobody got any of the jokes, and we were unable to reedit the full film later. Also, we kinda had to shove the plot down peoples' birth canals in order to finish on time. Much was lost in translation. Most notably the fact that Robin is posing as Batman. Yeah, oops.

The Masked Pretender

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